Co-Director (2005-present), Polish Academy of Sciences

Co-Director (2010-present), University of Bologna

Responsible for Digital Technologies and Topography (2010-present), Yale University

Field Manager (2005-present)

Co-Director (2007-2009), Sapienza University of Rome

Co-Director (2005-2006), The University of Milan La Statale

Team Members

Mohamed Abdl Hamdan (Geologist, Cairo University; 2020)

Mustafa Abdl Kadr (Field collaborator)

Mennat-Allah el-Dorry (Egyptologist, University of Munster; 2009-2012)

Ashraf Mahmoud Radwan (Housekeeper)

Elena Baldi (Numismatic, Washington University in St. Louis; 2020)

Donald Bailey (Romanist, British Museum; 2007)

Kimball Banks (Archaeologist, Combined Prehistoric Expedition Foundation; 2012-2016)

Robert Bewley (Archaeologist, University of Oxford; 2018)

Desiré Bragalone (Surveyor, Independent Researcher; 2018-present)

Alessia Brucato (Surveyor, Independent Researcher; 2018-present)

Maria Giovanna Caneschi (Surveyor University of Bologna; 2008-2011)

Giorgia Cappelletti (Archaeologist, University of Bologna; 2010)

Michela Carletti (Surveyor, University of Bologna; 2011)

Stefano Caruso (Archaeologist, Sapienza University of Rome; 2009-2011)

Giandaniele Castangia (Archaeologist, Sapienza University of Rome; 2009)

Alessia D’Adamo (Surveyor, University of Bologna; 2010)

John C. Darnell (Egyptologist, Yale University; 2011-2020)

Morgan de Dapper (Geoarchaeologist, Ghent University; 2008-2012)

Francesca Romana del Fattore (Surveyor, Sapienza University of Rome; 2008

Aaron de Souza (Archaeologist, Macquarie University; 2018)

Bernadette Dickman (Physical Anthropologist, Independent Researcher; 2006)

Fatma Muhammad Abdel-‘Any (Housekeeper)

Vincenzo Francaviglia (Geologist, CNR; 2007)

Peter French (Egyptologist, Cambridge University; 2008)

Said Gad Mohamed Said (Field collaborator)

Carla Gallorini (Egyptologist, University of Birmingham; 2008-present)

Rainer Gerisch (Archaeobotanist, Free University Berlin; 2008)

Serena Giuliani (Nubiologist, Società Italiana di Archeologia Nilotica; 2006-2008)

Elizabeth Hart (Archaeologist, University of Virginia; 2007-2013)

Stan Hendrickx (Egyptologist, MAD-Faculty Limburg; 2007-2020)

Tomasz Herbich (Geophysist, Polish Academy of Sciences; 2008)

Salima Ikram (Archeozoologist, American University Cairo; 2009)

Catherine Johns (Romanist, British Museum; 2007)

Hannah Joris (Illustrator, KU Leuven; 2007-2009)

Karima Abed al-Hameed Saleem Ali (Housekeeper)

Ilka Klose (Archaeologist, Free University Berlin; 2008-2013)

Daniël Libens (Photographer, University College Ghent; 2011)

Lauren Lippiello (Egyptologist, Yale University; 2010-2014)

Valeria Lorizzo (Conservator, Sapienza University of Rome; 2007-2015)

Elise Mac Arthur (Student, Oriental Institute Chicago; 2010)

Marcel Marée (Epigraphist, British Museum; 2006-2010)

Massimiliano Montanari (Surveyor, University of Bologna; 2016)

Serena Nicolini (Archaeologist, University of Bologna; 2014-present)

Julia Nikolaus (Archaeologist, University of Oxford; 2018)

Hans-Åke Nordström (Nubiologist, Uppsala University; 2008)

Elisabeth O’Connel (Egyptologist, The British Museum; 2009)

Teresa Papara (House Manager; 2008)

Kathryn Piquette (Archaeologist, Freie Universität Berlin; 2014)

Mindy Pitre (Bioarchaeologist, St. Lawrence University; 2007-present)

Gillian Pyke (Egyptologist, EES; 2008-2009)

Dietrich Raue (Egyptologist, DAI Cairo; 2005-2009)

Nicholas Ray (Archaeologist, University of Leicester; 2018)

Louise Rayne (Archaeologist, University of Leicester; 2018-present)

Sara Roma (Archaeologist, Independent Researcher; 2006-present)

Pamela Rose (Nubiologist, McDonald Institute Cambridge; 2008-2009)

Jim Rossiter (Photographer, The British Museum; 2008)

Nubi Sayed Hassin Barakat (Cook and housekeeper)

Linda Scott Cummings (Archaeobotanist, PaleoResearch Institute; 2016)

Massimo Sericola (Surveyor, University of Bologna; 2011)

Nichole Sheldrick (Archaeologist, University of Oxford; 2018)

Michele Silani (Surveyor, University of Bologna; 2008-2009)

Signe Snortland (Archaeologist, Combined Prehistoric Expedition Foundation; 2012-2016)

Carla Swerts (Illustrator, MAD-Faculty Limburg; 2012)

Dawid Święch (Geophysist, Polish Academy of Sciences; 2008)

Joanna Then (Archaeologist, University of Cracow; 2007)

Yann Tristant (Prehistorian, IFAO; 2009)

Donatella Usai (Archaeologist, Centro Studi Sudanesi e Sub-Sahariani; 2008-2014)

Roberta Valenti (Student, University of Bologna; 2016)

Dorian Vanhulle (Rock Art Specialist, Université libre de Bruxelles / FNRS; 2020)

Stephen Victor (Archaeologist, Yale University; 2012)

Agnieszka Wacnik (Palaeobotanist, Polish Academy of Sciences; 2012)

Sara Zaia (Surveyor, University of Bologna; 2010-2014)

Stefan Ziegler (Surveying engineer, Cadastral Surveyor Bureau of Geoinformation; 2008-2009)

Rania Zineldeen (Surveyor, University of Leiden; 2007)

Inspectors & Trainees

Ahmed Fouad Tawfeek Essawy (Inspector and Trainee 2020)

Nagat Amer Abdallah Osman (Inspector and Trainee 2020)

Hamdi Khalil Hassan (Inspector 2020)

Karima Mohamed Fahmi (Inspector 2010, 2020)

Khaled Omar Abd Elnaby Mohamed (Inspector 2020)

Hala Mohamed Hussein (Inspector 2018)

Abu al Hassan Sayed Mahmoud Aly (Trainee 2018)

Hassan Mohamed al Taher Hassan (Inspector and Trainee 2018)

Mervet Abdallah Sami Abdu (Inspector 2018)

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed (Inspector 2018)

Heba Saad Harby (Trainee 2018)

Sayed Ahmed Ali El Rawy (Inspector and Trainee 2016; Inspector 2018-2019, 2020)

Mohamed Abdelhay Mohamed (Trainee 2013; Inspector 2014, 2018)

Osama Amer Mohi el-Din (Inspector and Trainee 2013)

Tahseen Mohamed Atiaa (Inspector 2013-2014; Trainee 2013)

Hani Salah (Trainee 2013)

Mustafa Hassan (Trainee 2013)

Amira Mohamed Sedig (Trainee 2006; Inspector 2010, 2012)

Amal Zafir Tadros (Inspector 2011)

Hussain Mahssoub Megahed (Inspector 2011)

Mohamed Gad El-Rab Ahmed (Inspector 2010)

Hala Adel Mohamed (Inspector 2008-2009)

Abdelftah Elsayed Abdelftah (Inspector 2008)

Wafaa Mohamed Aisa (Inspector 2008-2009, 2012)

Ahmed Hassan (Inspector 2008-2009)

Ahmed Awad (Inspector 2008-2009, 2011)

Zeinab El-Sayed Ghali (Inspector 2008-2009)

Ahmed Hassan Amin (Inspector 2006)

Mohammed Ali al Nagar (Inspector 2005, 2007)

AKAP wants to express the deepest gratitude to all the policemen and local guardians for their endless support!

To all the Aswani, Bishareeni and Qufti workmen who worked with us, goes our biggest Shukran!

Without their efforts nothing would have been possible!